RESET. BECOME ZERO. Return to an UNBORN state. We are all born as imaginative creators. However, we have become too consumed by the immense volume of information we encounter each day. As time passes, we become subjugated by our surroundings, and lose our innate ability to create. The Japanese word genki (元気: spirited, cheerful, and energetic) is often translated as “liveliness”. However, the characters gen (元: original) and ki (気: life energy), actually refer to humans reverting to our primordial, or 0%, state. Becoming 0% allows us as individuals to harness our full potential. Being “UNBORN” is a reversion to a state where we detach ourselves from mind and body. Forget time as your heart returns to zero. Immerse yourself in a sensation of FLOW EXPERIENCE.
Our Service
  • Retreat Lounge
    A new relaxation experience for your heart, divided into three areas. Our UNBORN retreatment lounge breaks with conventional thinking to offer three methods that reset your heart. ISOLATION TANK: A space devoid of all light and sound. Float in saltwater as you detach from your body and enter a deep meditative state. COLOR SOUND MEDITATION: A voice will guide your experience into a world of diverse lights and colors. Immerse yourself into a tranquil sound space. CREATIVE LOUNGE: Through meditation, you will return to an UNBORN state with the heart of a newborn baby. From there, you will feel the energy of art. The three areas offer an opportunity to escape from the information overload that is everyday life. Experience a new way to relax your heart. UNBORN Members only