The Japanese word genki (元気: spirited, cheerful, and energetic) is often associated with liveliness. However, the characters gen (元: original) and ki (気: life energy), actually refer to humans reverting to the primordial, or 0%, state. Becoming 0% allows us as individuals to harness our full potential. Through our products and services, our goal is to help you return to your zero state. In turn, we hope to create a world brimming with creativity and energy.
Our Service
  • Non-Alcohol Bar
    A bar entirely free of alcohol in the heart of Roppongi. Neither soft drinks nor alcoholic beverages are served. Instead, we offer over 20 types of drinks ranging from flavorful mocktails to an amazing kombucha blend. All food can be prepared vegan. With your five senses intact and your mind at ease, your heart will return to a pure and energetic state. Your surroundings will become more vivid and exciting. Delightful non-alcoholic drinks and a trippy atmosphere join to take you on a mind-cleansing journey.
  • Product
    Coming Soon...